Type Through Time: Gill Sans

Gill Sans

Today we will learn about Gill Sans! It is an extremely popular typeface, originally designed by Eric Gill in the early 1900’s. It was heavily influenced by Edward Johnson’s Johnson Sans. Johnson Sans was designed to be used for the London Underground in all of their print including their iconic signs. Eric Gill was Johnson’s apprentice during the development…

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The Mass Move to Flat Design and Beyond

Skeuomorphism. It’s big scary word, that’s probably why companies have been running from it like its an axe-wielding murderer.  So what does it mean? Skeuomorphism is defined in the dictionary as an object or feature that imitates the design of a similar artifact made from another material. This is a very old design term. It can…

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Type Through Time: Fraktur


Let’s step back a little bit and talk about Fraktur. Fraktur isn’t as much a typeface as it is a style. One who’s history demonstrates the ongoing battle of classic vs. modern that prevails throughout all design. First lets take a look at an example of the Fraktur style: Fraktur: In The Beginning Fraktur was…

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Vermilion: A Colorful History

Vermilion, a dense red pigment, has a history as rich and varied as it’s hues. Derived from the mineral cinnabar, vermilion can take on a range of warm hues from bright orange-red to bluish-red dependent on the size of the ground cinnabar particles.  Cinnabar is a mercury sulfide compound which, like most mercury compounds, is toxic….

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Type Through Time: Futura


During the early 20th century the avant-garde artists of the time were changing the way we use type. Members of the De Stijl group in the Netherlands and members of the Bauhaus in Germany were reducing the alphabet to their most basic geometric forms. At the time, artists were eschewing the ancient forms for geometric…

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Type Through Time: Baskerville

I love a good typeface. Besides the joy of finding the most visually pleasing typeface for a design, I’m always surprised at the diverse history of how they were designed and used. Typeface design, like any other art form, has ebbed and flowed through a large variety of styles. In my Type Through Time series I…

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Scroll, Click & Repeat


Scroll…click…repeat! How much time do you spend each day scrolling through social media feeds? Too much time, maybe? No judgment here! I can lose hours journeying through the infinitely expanding universe of Instagram every evening. Social Media and Your Company Social Media accounts are often my first introduction to businesses in the area. Whenever I…

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A Better Web Experience

web experience

It’s easy to get caught up in the shear amount of data that goes into a business website. As you build your website you will find yourself shamelessly critiquing every aspect of your site. The mentality that everything should be as perfect as possible is helpful but, it is easy to forget that if your…

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