Partners in Business and in Life

Is it possible to run a successful business with your spouse?

I’m here to tell you, unequivocally, yes it’s possible and it can even be fun! Daniel and I have been together for over 12 years and have always planned on starting business together.  When we decided to dive into this venture, we already knew that we work well together and our strengths are complimentary.  He is brilliantly creative and flawlessly logical, I am fiercely organized and a bit of a dreamer. We keep each other balanced in all aspects of our life and that carries over to our business.

We’ve all heard the stories of when business couples implode (>cough< Tarek & Christina >cough<), but it’s not always like that.  I mean, seriously, what is sweeter than a mom & pop operation? (Sticking with the HGTV couples theme here: Chip & Joanna, anyone?) Family owned businesses are the bread & butter of the American Dream.  Experiencing the ups & downs, successes & failures, and the sometimes tedious in-betweens of owning your own business is even more rewarding when you are able to share it completely with the people you love most.

Running a successful business is challenging,

but every obstacle helps you grow and every success is sweet and well-earned. There is no one else I’d rather be partners with than my husband! Not only because he’s an absolutely incredible graphic designer & artist, but also because he’s an all-around great guy with integrity and a kind & thoughtful nature.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you choose your spouse wisely he/she may make a stellar business partner as well!






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