What You See Isn’t Always What You Get


There are a number of options for people to build their own websites. They are called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. These programs not only bloat your website with pages of unnecessary code, they often come out lacking on the design side. First let me state that I’ve worked with numerous people in a single line of work and not one person needed a site exactly like another. Your needs are specific. Services that claim to let you build your own site try too hard to fit all people’s needs and end up fitting no one’s.  So what is the solution for this? Hire a web designer like Graphics Westchester. We tailor make websites to your needs so you can concentrate on everything else that comes with running a business.


Is It Worth It?

Of course, people think building their own website saves them money… but does it? Companies that invest in their branding see immediate returns from this investment. People are much more likely to trust a place of business with a good looking logo and an up to date website. If someone visits your site and can’t find what they need within the first few seconds, I can guarantee you they will be back to Google to find your competitors. Not to mention, a professionally built website will boost your rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.


The Amateur vs. The Pro

The biggest mistake that I see DIY website builders make is that they do way too much. This is exacerbated by the ridiculous amount of options that these WYSIWYG programs have. Here’s the hard truth: Unless you are a Web Designer, no one is going to your site to look at the web design. They are there to get information, so the best you can do is stay out of their way. The goal of web design is to not frustrate anyone. If you can achieve that, you’re a great designer and you didn’t need to shout it at everyone who visited your site!



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